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U-Baby does not accept any return. Warranty period will be effective on day of receiving. Any claims requested must go through our QC’s approval. We will have the rights to decline any claim request depending on the defectiveness of item.


All parts claims must show receipt to prove that the product was being purchased from our end. Parts from our company is not to be used for any other third party brand products, we will not be responsible in any consequences caused by misuse of product parts.


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All prices are listed in RINGGIT MALAYSIA (RM) and are applicable for all orders made in this website. Payments are to pay up within 7 days from order date. We only accept Credit card, Debit card and IPay88 for all payment. You are in obligation to bear or pay up full amount of the product if we fail to receive payment from your credit card issuer.

Pricing of product are subject to change at all times. You are in agreement to pay all orders according to the updated pricing and no further dispute should be occurred. We have the rights to ignore all disagreements pertaining to pricing.