U-Baby Products

In 2006, U-Baby was formed, providing parenting needs and specialize in baby products. We empasis on product duraility, utility and on-trend design. Each product has been through process to ensure your child's comfort and safety yet affordable for the community.

Our priority is helping and aiding all the parents along with your children by making their life more fruitful and extraordinary. The products we sell consist of baby stroller, baby walker, baby car seats, battery car and motor, ride on car, tricycle, baby furniture, feeding and more that tag with good quality and creative features so that parents and childrens can always use it in joy and to create a better lifestyle. Hence, U-Baby is always the mineral resources for children to grow.

Useful Information

Car Seats & Carrier

It’s a must for all new born infant when comes to traveling in vehicles.

  • Suitable for new born to 4 years old.
  • Carrier can only be installed rearward facing.
  • Car Seat can be forward or rearward facing, depending on baby’s age.
  • Refer to instructions for proper installation.
  • Adjust shoulder strap, make sure it’s not too high or low.

Travelling sets & Baby Strollers

Travelling strollers can combine with carriers, aiding parents to carry their infants conveniently.

  • Foldable and compact, save space for traveling
  • Stroller is not suitable for running
  • While feeding, use stopper to prevent stroller from moving

Baby Walker

Infants develop themselves quick, exploring independently is part of their growth. Walker helps infants to learn standing and walking while able to explore to new things around.

  • Walker is meant for babies 7-18months
  • Keep baby on sight when using walker
  • Do not let baby play in walker for more than 30 minutes
  • Apply stopper while feeding
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